Boat Building

Zimmerman Marine Boat Building History

Zimmerman Marine has a rich history of boatbuilding beginning in 1983 when well known yachtsman and artist Stanley Woodward commissioned the yard to build a 27 ft. powerboat, which he named TARTAR.

  • 1983 - TARTAR - 27 ft. power, Philip Bolger design, cold molded wood.
  • 1988 - OCEAN STAR - 46 ft. power, R. Lowell/E. Spaulding design, composite.
  • 1994CHANTY – 56 ft. sail, Bruce King design, cold molded wood.
  • 1994ABINO LIGHT – 36 ft. power, the first of ten Spencer Lincoln designed composite hull. 1998PILGRIM; 1999VIKING; 2000ROSEWOOD; 2001SEQUEL; 2002GROWLER; 2003 - MYSTIC ROSE; 2004CHRISTINE; 2005 - BEE WEEMS; and 2007MONTROSE.
  • 1995 - SIMPLICITY, 26 ft. day sailor, Joel White design, cold molded wood.
  • 1996N-JOY, 26 ft. power, Spencer Lincoln design, composite construction.
  • 2005REUNION – custom Z46 power, R.Lowell/Doug Zurn
  • 2009JOYOUS - custom Z31 power, Spencer Lincoln design.
  • 2010 - ZEPHYR, a cold molded centerboard version of the famous Herreshoff 12 ½ , design modified by Joel White
  • 2011 - RADIO FLYER, custom Z38 power, Spencer Lincoln design


Tartar, designed by Philip C. Bolger and launched in 1983, was the first boat built by ZMI. Built of cold-molded wood construction, this sleek and lightweight 27’ boat ran at 25 knots with a 90 HP outboard.


ZMI launched Ocean Star in 1988. This boat was designed by Royal Lowell and we built her light, with closed cell foam in the hull and deck and honeycomb cores in the interior.


Chanty graced the cover of Yachting Magazine and appeared in Woodenboat, Sailing and the European magazine The Yacht. Her interior is a striking blend of graceful curves.


Designed by Spencer Lincoln, one of the best lobster boat designers, this hull features a very fine entry that produces a soft ride, even in rough conditions. The Downeast hull performs at its best in the 15-20 knot range, an ideal speed for a coastal cruiser.


Joel White designed a sweet little daysailor with two versions: a transom stern and a canoe stern. We built Simplicity with the transom stern, in cold molded wood with carbon fiber spars.


The Z46, built on the time tested Jarvis Newman hull, is designed and built for extended coastal cruising in comfort and safety. Comfortable at 8 or 18 knots, the 46 can cover ground quickly when needed. Her sweeping sheer line and handsome bow will turn heads.


The Z31 is a small sister to our successful Z36 design. Both boats were designed by Spencer Lincoln based on working Downeast lobster boats. The 31 is intended as a weekender and as a boat capable of more extended cruises.


The Haven design is Joel White’s artful version of the classic Nat Herreshoff 12 ½, with a centerboard in place of the fixed keel.


Our proven and popular Z36 has been redesigned by Spencer Lincoln as a 38. The Z38 features the same layout concept as our Zimmerman 36, but added length, more freeboard, and a more efficient hull.